By Andria Bakat 2rrios

A local author has a calling from God to write fantasy. But author Kat Heckenbach also feels the calling to educate her two children at home. Somehow she finds time for both, and the real magic comes in when the two tasks collide to create something beautiful.

Hechenbach has always enjoyed reading young adult fiction, especially of the fantasy genre.

“I never admitted I wanted to write a novel until about eight years ago when I finally decided to listen to the little voice and go for it,” she said.

Her first novel Finding Angel was released in 2011. The sequel, Seeking Unseen, was published a year later in 2012.

This series is about a young girl and her friend who discover special powers and a magic island. The third in the series, a more allegorical story, is currently in progress. Heckenbach also self-published a few eBooks and contributes to other small publications.

Heckenbach has additionally been homeschooling her two children, 15 and 12, for the past 10 years.

“When the kids were younger, it was easier to find time because the schooling was less intense. Over the years, it’s gotten more difficult,” she said. The marketing for her novels also consumes time, but she manages with a little time management and the ability to write whenever free time is available.

Part of her inspiration for writing comes from her kids. “Their traits inspired characters in my books even at young ages,” she said. She also chose young adult fiction because she knew her kids would grow to enjoy it.

As a Christian author, Heckenbach always reflects her faith in her writings. “Even if it’s very subtle, Christians can read my work and see the underlying message of faith woven in,” said Heckenbach.

“Homeschooling is the best fit for my family and something I was drawn to from the beginning. Writing is also a strong desire, and when I feel like giving up, an encouragement comes from God telling me this is the right path,” said Heckenbach.

Both Finding Angel and Seeking Unseen are available in print as well as eBooks. For more information, visit

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