SherryCat BookBy Andria Barrios

Sherry Skovgaard, a local grandmother, began writing children’s books years ago when her children were small. But her writings are just now beginning to surface. Her second book This Is My Cat was released as an eBook in November 2014 and in paperback early last month.

“My stories are just thoughts that get established and written down. When the ramblings become an actual story, it is truly amazing and thrilling,” she said.

Her newly released book is a 28 page, one sentence story with a moral about consequences. Kids ages 2 to 7 may enjoy the playful tale as well as learn about the results of their actions. The colorful illustrations were done by Dina Gerner.

“My illustrator is fantastic and I just drool over her artistic ability,” said Valrico resident Skovgaard.

Her first book, Do Worms Yawn, is a rhyming book of silly questions children might ask that concern animals.

“This is nothing but a book of questions,” her teenage grandson commented. But the simplicity of her writings is what perfectly fits them for her young readers.

Skovgaard, a former teacher and speech therapist, has plenty more ideas in her head for future kid’s stories. Two more have been sent to the publisher, and another story centered on dogs instead of cats is also in the makings.

“Over the years, our house has been flooded with pets,” Skovgaard said. This is part of her inspiration for writing animal books. Her five grandchildren additionally encourage her to keep writing for a younger audience. “Writing children’s books is a God-given talent,” she said, though it has been uncovered only in recent years.

Skovgaard holds various events and book signings at different locations throughout Brandon, from Menchies to Bob’s Ice Cream and Gelato to Barnes N Nobles. “They enjoy having me and turn it into a party,” Skovgaard said.

For more information, visit Do Worms Yawn and This Is My Cat are available on Amazon in both paperback and eBook form.

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