This is the time of year that the fishing reports do not change much from week to week or in this case from month to month. We have about three months in the summer that stay pretty much the same. Fishing this time of year is like spending time on a seesaw. One day will be pretty good followed by a day that is challenging. We always seem to find a way to catch fish, but the sizes of the catch and the species seem to fluctuate.

I have been on a school of redfish for a month now and seem to be able to find them about half the time. The same thing has been happening with Spanish mackerel. We have a great day and then go back with high expectations and only catch a few, but have the jack crevalle or ladyfish take over. It can be frustrating but it is just that time of year.

The one bite that has been pretty consistent other than sharks is the mangrove snapper bite. The best snapper bite inshore comes every year after the bait (scaled sardines) spawn has taken place and the fry baits show up. There are many great places to catch snapper in the bay area this time of year and this year there seems to be more snapper than normal.

If you have never targeted mangrove snapper, you will need to know that they are very smart and have exceptional eyesight. Sometimes downsizing tackle helps. Snapper also are very good to eat and a favorite of anglers that prefer a mild fish taste. They are the choice fish for me if I am having fish tacos. My buddy Tiger Hoffman turned me on to that a few years ago.

Other than that all I have is to fish early or fish late to beat the heat and keep in mind that this time of year inshore fishing can be tough.

Until next time, good luck and be safe on the water. Remember: don’t let your kid be the one that got away, take them fishing. For charter fishing information you can call 601-2900, email, or visit

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