By Sandy Meyershipt

When FishHawk resident Shannon Sharesky heard about the new Shipt service, she was excited and ready to sign-up. Shipt is a third-party delivery service which will deliver groceries from Publix Super Markets directly to the homes of its customers.

While the service is not yet fully available in the Tampa area, it has come in the form of a beta project. Sharesky immediately signed up for the service when she realized the convenience it would add to her very busy life.

“I’m a working, professional mom who works from home and all of a sudden it’s four o’clock and I don’t have anything to make for dinner,” Sharesky said.

With the new service, Shipt customers can order their groceries through an online app and have them delivered to their door without ever stepping out of the house. Customers can choose either a monthly service for $14 or an annual service for $99 which gives them free grocery delivery for orders over $35. There is a small markup on items to cover costs of processing the orders but most customers feel the convenience is worth the cost. On average, Shipt said that customers can expect to pay about $5 extra on a $35 order. Sharesky agrees and says that she did notice a small difference but nothing drastic.

“I actually think I saved money because I didn’t buy a bunch of junk food like I normally do when I go to the store myself,” Sharesky said.

The beta project rolled out in the area on Tuesday, August 4. Sharesky placed her first order the following week and was very pleased with the service. She said her groceries were delivered within the timeframe she requested and the Shipt delivery person texted her to let her know the store was out of two of her items and asked if she wanted a substitute. She also received a text when the driver arrived at her house.

“I honestly don’t think I will ever make a full grocery run again. It probably saved me two to three hours,” she said.

For more information on Shipt or to become a driver, visit

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