By Kathy Collins

During the month of November, the Bruton Memorial Library in historic downtown Plant City is featuring the artwork of Punk and Louann Watson, residents of Plant City, in the main exhibit area. In the children’s section, the artwork of students from Tomlin Middle School in Plant City are on display.

Both Louann and Punk are artists, art enthusiasts and members of the East Hillsborough Art Guild. The exhibit features 11 pieces of acrylic paintings of various subjects including flowers, animals, landscapes and buildings.

Administrative and Services Assistant for the Bruton Memorial Library Chad Loving said, “Having displayed art in the library before, both individually and as a member of the East Hillsborough Art Guild, Punk and Louann were eager to display work again. Seeing them in the library so often made them a perfect choice for the November Fine Arts Exhibit.”

“Their love for art is infectious. Their work depicts the energy and zest they have for the arts. Subdued hues combine with bright colors to grab and keep your attention. You can certainly tell that they love to paint,” added Loving.

In the Children’s Section, there are two displays of the artwork of students of Ric Edgemon, art teacher at Tomlin Middle School. One features subtractive sculptures created by carving ivory soap in the style of Benin (African) Ivory Carvings. The other exhibit features works which apply the concept of Surrealism. The collection captures the spirit of Surrealism, a concept of transformation accomplished by combining an animate object with an inanimate object. In this case, the artists used graphite on paper.

The current exhibits are on view through the end of November and can be seen during the normal operating hours of the Bruton Memorial Library which is located at 302 McLendon St. in Plant City.

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