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Renowned Christian artist Paul Todd has been ministering through his gift of music for many years using his talents to entertain families with his ministry-oriented and family-friendly music.

Paul Todd and his son Paul Todd, Jr. will be in concert at Immanuel Lutheran Church, located at 2913 John Moore Rd. in Brandon on Friday, January 22 at 7 p.m.

Every fundraising concert tour Todd has performed raises money for churches, ministries and various charitable organizations. Paul Todd Charities, Inc., formed in 2005, helps raise funds for small unfunded local and national charities including street missions, food banks, homeless shelters and wounded veterans organizations.

As a child, Todd realized that he could hear entire symphonies and scores of music “in his head,” but he had to spend years training his hands and feet to automatically perform what he heard. He was always drawn to keyboards and organs versus a piano because the instrumental voices on keyboards let him, in reality, become his own orchestra. Todd is most famous for his unique concerts.

Although he is first and foremost a Christian artist, his concerts also include original, classical, popular, and Broadway selections. Todd accompanies himself by playing six keyboards simultaneously. His fingers and feet move at lightning-fast speed, which the audience can see on a large mirror set up behind the keyboards. He combines talent with a sparkling wit to help make his concerts an unforgettable family night out.

Columnist Jack Moss said it best, “I’ve seen Todd do his thing in concert and I think he’s impossible to top as an entertainer.”

Todd has composed theme songs for many prominent organizations including Men in Mission, for the Men in Mission organization; Make a Wish, which he wrote for the Make a Wish Foundation, later recorded by Crystal Gayle; and Christmas is for Children, for the Toys for Tots program.

Paul Todd in Concert, a half-hour TV show, can be seen nationwide Thursday nights on television through Sky Angel IPTV and on the Dish Network.

Tickets cost $15 for general admission. Preferred seating is $25 and for $50 you can do a VIP Dinner and Meet and Greet at 5:30 p.m. Visa, Mastercard, Cash or Money Order is accepted. To purchase tickets, call 689-1787. For more information, visit

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