By Nicole Heubusch

With the holidays approaching we have created a list of holiday safety tips for all HOA communities. We know that the holidays can be a busy time of the year and want to ensure everyone’s safety.

Inspect All Stringed Lights

When it’s time to hang up the holiday lights, whether inside or outside your home, or in the community center, look for any old wires, broken sockets, wire bends and bare spots. It’s recommended that you don’t overload any outlets, and connect the string of lights to an extension cord before plugging in the lights. If your HOA has light rules and restrictions, make sure residents are aware of where holiday lights are allowed.

Keep The Holiday Tree Watered

If residents plan on using a live holiday tree, be aware to keep it well watered so it does not dry out. A dried out Christmas tree is a huge safety hazard. Turn off the holiday lights, both tree and house lights, when you’re not home or sleeping. Not only is it an energy waster, but it can be a potential fire hazard. We suggest that you do not place a holiday tree near a heat source, such as a lit candle. Speaking of lit candles, do not leave them unattended at any time.

Test Smoke Detectors

Remind residents to test all smoke and carbon-monoxide detectors, and if needed, replace their batteries.

Stop Any Mail

If residents plan on going out of town, encourage them to have their mail held at the post office or arrange for a neighbor to pick it up. A full mailbox and a driveway littered with newspapers are signs to prowling thieves that no one is home.

Does your HOA have any other holiday safety tips you’d like to share? Send them over to to be featured in next month’s edition.

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