By Andria Barrios

Four years ago in 2011, Liyuan Chen brought his family and unique Asian culture to the United States to seek new adventures and better opportunities. Since then, he’s found those opportunities in the restaurant he and his family opened last year- China Chen Authentic Chinese Cuisine.

But before moving to the area, the Chens lived and worked in New York and Port Charlotte. When they moved to Tampa, he and his sons enjoyed working in many local restaurants, gaining experience and expertise in the field of Asian cuisine. Last year in October, they opened their own restaurant and another new adventure began.

“My father’s friend lived in the Valrico area for 13 years, and told us it was a good location with good people, so that’s why we chose it,” explained Bob Chen, waiter at the restaurant and son of Liyuan Chen.

His large family back home gave him a strong background in the food business. In China, they operated four successful restaurants in the Guanzhou province for years.

The family owned and operated business is small, but has been successful so far, and continues to grow.

“In Brandon, there are no real Chinese restaurants,” said Bob. “It’s more to-go restaurants. We do real Chinese and New York style. There’s a difference.”

The eclectic delicacies offered come right out of the Canton Province of China as well as Hong Kong.

China Chen is open seven days a week and will do dine-in, take-out, delivery or catering. The menu provides a plethora of delectable options, specializing in Hong Kong style roasted duck, Char Siu pork and roasted pork.

Chen claims the salt and pepper seasoned items and the Barbeque Fried Rice to be the most popular.

Bob works alongside his cousins, father and brother to make the restaurant a daily success. “Everything is made fresh,” he said. “We have our own recipes.”

China Chen Authentic Chinese Cuisine is located at 2519 E. Brandon Blvd. For more information, call 662-2997 or visit

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