By Samantha R. Evensen

Noorani Medical Center, located at 4320 Bell Shoals Rd. in Valrico, is proud to welcome its newest member to its primary care team. Christine Edwards, with her extensive experience in the medical as well as the fashion/beauty industry, is helping transform people from the inside out.

Owner and primary care physician Dr. Nazneen Noorani saw the need to extend her services beyond just treating the health factors associated with weight gain. Dr. Noorani decided to implement a separate program to provide patients with the opportunity to have more focused based sessions to get to the root of the problem.

This new weight loss program, led by Edwards, is offering a holistic and practical approach to weight loss. 

Edwards said, “Instead of just trying to control the symptoms, now we’re able to decrease a lot of their comorbidity factors, such as diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, etc. We now have the potential to offset some of those disease processes.” 

The comprehensive weight loss program mentally prepares the patient to commit to a plan of action. Patients are well educated on their journey and expectations are set. Edwards extends herself to each one of her patients and provides an accountability factor and the assurance that you are not taking these steps on your own.

“We don’t push supplements or calorie control, we’re trying to provide practical skills to our patients so that they can identify proper habits to maintain a healthy lifestyle,” said Edwards.  

Patients do not have to switch doctors or conduct all their services at Noorani Medical Center in order to participate in the weight loss program. However, before getting started, patients will need to complete an annual physical, lab work and EKG. 

The facility is now offering group packages starting at 10 visits for $400 or 20 for $750. 

For those patients who begin feeling better or are just looking to aesthetically enhance themselves, Noorani Medical Center offers services to accomplish that also. 

Edwards prides herself on her discretion, so whether male or female, she extends the invitation for a consultation. 

There is a holiday special on Botox or Xeomin treatments; buy 30 units get 10 free. Xeomin is the newest FDA approved filler without the additives.

The top of the line Obagi skin care regimen, designed to treat varying skin conditions is offered, as well as various other prescription grade products. 

To inquire further about the weight loss program or aesthetic procedures, contact Edwards at or call 571-1111.

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