Bullet Free SkyBy Tamas Mondovics

“We are all celebrating under the same sky, so it is vital to protect our loved ones and communities from harm during the holidays and, we cannot do it alone,” said Sandy Duran, whose 12-year-old son Diego was struck in the head by a .45 caliber bullet while the family watched fireworks on the wake of the new year in 2012 in Ruskin.

While Diego has recovered and is slowly improving, Sandy has worked tirelessly to protect others from experiencing similar heartache and pain.

By means of forming Bullet Free Sky, (BFS) in 2013, the 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, under Sandy’s direction and hard work, has managed to educate the public and to raise awareness aimed at the irresponsible act of celebratory gunfire, an effort that has been gaining momentum leading up to the end of the 2015 New Year’s Eve celebrations.

Seeking support to enable a more appropriate penalty, Bullet Free Sky reached out to all Florida state representatives in October 2015.

“We sent an important request via email and postal mail to all of our state senators and representatives asking them to sponsor and support legislation for a stronger penalty for celebratory gunfire, which currently in Florida is just a second-degree misdemeanor that seems wholly inappropriate,” Sandy said, while emphasizing that the petition is not anti-gun related, but is only against irresponsible gun owners. “We have partnered with Aegis Tactical and Shooters World amongst other gun shops and instructors to spread this message.”

Similar laws are already in place in Virginia and Arizona.

Adding to the county and statewide effort, Bullet Free Sky was also pleased to announce the completion of its new public educational video message.

“This video will also be presented to Hillsborough County public middle and high school students,” Sandy said. “Our proposal to educate students was approved thanks to the support of the Hillsborough County Sheriff Office.”

Visit www.Bulletfreesky.org or contact bulletfreesky@gmail.com.

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