By Debora Coty

“Be still, and know that I am God” (Psalm 46:10, NIV).

A while back, I found a Be Still & Know place near our Smoky Mt. cabin. The minute I saw the fallen logs that formed a cozy woodland seat amid the forest greenery, I realized that Papa God had it earmarked especially for me. For the time we would spend together. For the precious time I would sit, be still, and just know.  

My secret spot is secluded – no unexpected visitors, loud noises (just birds and bunnies and bush beasties), or interruptions (I always turn my phone off during my Be Still & Know time).

It’s near the humongous tree that reminds me of Papa’s bigness, His vastness, His incredible strength. I call it the wall of wood.

A few yards away, there’s a reflection pool filled with chilly mountain spring water that reflects the forest and sky. It always reminds me that nature is a reflection of Papa God’s incredible beauty.

As wonderful as my mountaintop cathedral is, I’m not up there much of the year. I’m down here. In flat, hot, humid Florida. So I petitioned the Lord for a Be Still & Know spot here too. And sure enough, He provided.

So what that it borders a marsh? (Watch out for those gators!) Or that it’s halfway underwater after a hard rain? (I can borrow my grandbuddy’s rubber Spiderman boots). Listen, who cares about a few (dozen) mosquito bites? It’s secluded and quiet. (Who else in their right mind would go there?)

Okay, it’s not perfect. But the resident sand hill cranes have welcomed me with open wings. And Papa meets me there every single time I show up. Not as majestic as the mountains maybe, but hey, this is Florida. The only mountains we have are speed humps.

Why do I need such a place? And more importantly, why do you need such a place?

With our hectic schedules and crazy-busy lifestyles, sometimes we just can’t get a bead on that still, small voice of God. And that’s exactly what it takes – being still – to truly know that He is God and what He is whispering to our spirits.

In order to internalize the incredible width and breadth and depth of the goodness and godness of our Lord, we must mute the cacophony of the world, find stillness of our bodies, minds, and emotions, and allow our hearts to ingest this truth.

Only then can we really know.

So where is your Be Still & Know place?

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