By Nicole Heubusch

A community HOA newsletter is a great way to boost communication between HOA board members and residents, as well as increase involvement during HOA events and activities. If there is a lack of attendance at HOA events, it might be a result of residents being unaware of these activities, not that they aren’t interested.

Create HOA Contests

Everyone loves a fun contest, which is why they are one of the best ways an HOA board can get residents excited about reading their community newsletter. There are so many ways to hold a good contest. An HOA board can start by determining what its goals are, and developing contests around those objectives. An example of this can be holding a contest that requires residents to attend an event to be eligible for the prize.

Promote Community Events, Clubs

An HOA newsletter is a great way to highlight all social actives. Just implement a monthly calendar in each newsletter, letting residents know what will be going on, and when. Adding a recap of last month’s events is also a good way to remind residents what they might have missed, in case they want to attend the next one. Also, consider adding a list of group activities to the newsletter to gain the attention of all different interests. An example of this could be promoting a Tampa Bay Lightning Watch Party in the HOA Clubhouse. This is a way to gain the interest of sports fans in the community. Other groups to focus on are parents, young professionals, married couples and singles.

Keep Residents Informed on Board Decisions

The HOA newsletter is the perfect way to keep residents informed and up to date on all HOA board decisions. If there are any changes that will greatly affect the community, this will give the HOA board the opportunity to share it with residents and allow for their feedback.

Involve Residents in the Newsletter

If the HOA board has an open communication with their residents, it will lead the way to an active community. Allow residents to let their voices be heard in the newsletter by encouraging residents to share their ideas for the newsletter and future activities, and, within each issue, addressing both complaints and positive feedback about the HOA board with transparency.

What are some things your HOA includes in the newsletter? Send any tips and ideas to nicoleh@osprey to be shared in next month’s edition.

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