By Michelle Colesanti

Pivot Charter School, a tuition-free school for students from sixth through twelfth grade, offers an innovative site-based approach to high quality education, incorporating an online curriculum with state-certified online teachers and certified on-site teachers working side by side with students as they engage in their courses in Learning Centers.

Each student receives an educational program meeting individual needs and styles of learning, enabling them to successfully complete requirements, graduate on-time, and move into the next stages of career or college life.

Pivot Charter School allows students to attend school on-site for a shorter amount of time each day than traditional schools. This blended learning model is not offered in many public schools. With smaller setting classes, students can get the best of both worlds with a good mix of rigorous traditional instruction as well as online instructional courses taught by Pivot’s instructors.

According to Principal Liz Bretz, “Pivot offers a unique setting for each student. Our academies allow students to give focus to their future and personalize their education even at the middle school setting.”  

Career academy courses as well as technology, criminal justice, health sciences, fine arts and college/career readiness are offered to help student’s focus on what they may want to major in during their college career. Students can also take courses and earn many industry certifications that will help them in the future, or they may take dual enrollment courses with Hillsborough Community College and also Advanced Placement courses. 

Depending on the student’s course needs, they may take one or two courses online and the rest in the traditional classroom, or the other way around. However, all students must be in attendance daily like other traditional schools.

Jeanette Gilmore has students who currently attend Pivot Charter School.

“My children have never been to a traditional high school and never will. We love the staff and the education that our children receive at Pivot. It’s a great place for students to be,” she said.

Three sessions are offered daily: 8 a.m.-1 p.m. (bus offered), 9:30 a.m.-2:40 p.m. (bus offered) and 11:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. (no bus offered). 

Pivot Charter School is located at 3020 S. Falkenburg Rd. in Riverview. Call 626-6724 or visit

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Michelle Colesanti
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