By Bonnie Mentel

Bruce Wawrzyniak, president of Now Hear This, Inc., just aired his 100th podcast episode from Crystal Blue Sound Studios in Dover. Now Hear This Entertainment features interviews with guests who have achieved success in the music business, while giving lessons and tips to listeners.

“The show has gotten listeners from more than 95 countries, spanning all five regions of the world. Guests have come from a wide array of genres and locales including, in the case of the latter, cities throughout the U.S., a good handful of Canadian guests, and even two from Europe (one from Hungary and one from the UK). I’ve interviewed people who’ve been on American Idol and The Voice, plus a Las Vegas headliner, a Blues Hall of Famer, a Rock & Roll Hall of Famer, the lead guitar player for Garth Brooks, an Emmy Award winner, and even the 2014 Dove Awards New Artist of the Year, among others,” Wawrzyniak said.

Wawrzyniak has also interviewed several Christian artists. He interviewed Julianna Zobrist (episode 22) when her husband Ben played for the Rays. He also interviewed Ellie Holcomb (episode 39), a 2014 Dove Awards New Artist of the Year.

“The interview with Ellie Holcomb was the only show I ever did where we had to split it into two parts. She just had such a great testimony and she talked about walking away from a teaching job to pursue a career in Christian music,” he said.

Other Christian artists have included Danen Kane (episode 82), Gospel artist Kelly Manu (episode 91) and Jonny Diaz (episode 92), a contemporary Christian pop artist from Lakeland.

Wawrzyniak’s favorite guest, Lindsay McCaul, was interviewed in episode 11. McCaul has toured with some of the biggest names in Christian music, including Casting Crowns, Matthew West, Brandon Heath, and Jason Gray.

As episode 100 neared, Wawzyniak began plotting how to celebrate.

“Episode 100 was on the horizon. Who should be the guest for the big milestone show? Society says you need to go for the big name. The Lord just laid it on my heart that that’s not what the show is about. On a great number of episodes, I would say, ‘If you haven’t listened to episode 11 with Lindsay McCaul, go back and listen to that.’ I made no secret about that being my favorite episode ever,” he said.

The Lord made it possible for Wawrzyniak to have Lindsay McCaul as the special guest for his 100th podcast.

“If you honor God with what he’s given to you, your reward will be from Him. You don’t have to wait for a superstar to deliver you a massive audience. The Lord will bless you with whatever is His will for the show,” Wawrzyniak said.

By the time of this publishing, Episode 101 will have been released. It’s a “Best Of” show, with highlights played back from some of the first 100 shows. It’s a great introduction for listeners who have never heard the show before. The podcast can be heard on iTunes, Stitcher Radio, SoundCloud, and Google Play will launch podcasts soon.

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