By Sandy Meyer

The 2016-2017 school year will offer a new choice for rising ninth and tenth graders. Kids Community College (KCC) will begin offering a high school charter option during the upcoming school year. The school will rollout eleventh and twelfth grade in the following years.

News of the new high school came after a unanimous vote by the SDHC school board last month to approve KCC’s request to implement a high school charter option.

With the ever-evolving school boundary lines and overcrowding in some of the area high schools, this is good news for parents who want more choices available to their children when it comes to high school.

KCC currently offers an elementary and middle school option and parents have been requesting a high school for the last several years.

“We’ve had an A rating for three years in a row and we’re doing great things,” explained Karen Seder, KCC’s Campus Director. “Now it’s time to branch out and give our parents what they want.”

Manager of Marketing and Business Development for KCC Elizabeth Thompson said benefits of the high school will include a technology focused curriculum, small class sizes and more individual attention.

“One of the key benefits with KCC is the individual development and education plans that allow us to grow with the student,” said Thompson.

Enrollment has already begun on the school’s website at All students enrolled by Friday, April 1 will be accepted if space is available. The school plans on housing 225 high school students in total.

A permanent site for the high school has not yet been chosen, but school officials are looking to keep it within a five-mile radius of the Balm-Riverview Road and Mathog Road campuses located in Riverview. The 2016-2017 ninth and tenth graders will be housed temporarily at a the new Southeast middle school campus which will begin construction this March and be located next to the elementary campus at 11519 McMullen Rd.

KCC is looking for talented high school teachers, especially those technologically oriented, to join their team. For more information, visit or call 888-543-7221.

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