By Kathy L. Collins

For women who must undergo complex surgeries, Brandon Regional Hospital is now offering several procedures which have unique benefits. Jessica Stine, M.D., a gynecological oncologist who has been on staff at the hospital since August 2015, performs single-site hysterectomies.

Specifically, Dr. Stine performs radical trachelectomy, which is a fertility sparing procedure that does not remove the body of the uterus. This is an option for women of child bearing age who have early stage cervical cancer. The procedure removes the cervix, the upper part of the vagina and lymph nodes in the pelvis, but leaves the rest of the uterus in place. This is good news for women who wish to become pregnant.

Dr. Stine also performs less invasive daVinci robotic-assisted single-site surgery. This differs greatly from a traditional and laparoscopic hysterectomy in that women have less scarring, less pain and quicker recovery.

Dr. Stine is one of the first single-site surgeons in Florida. Dr. Stine said, “Brandon Regional Hospital already had the DaVinci robotic technology, I brought the specific skill set necessary to use the single site platform.
Single site surgery offers a definite cosmetic benefit with the only incision being hidden in the umbilicus (belly button). Recovery time is much faster than traditional open surgery. Patients can be discharged the same day.”

Dr. Stine earned her Doctorate of Medicine from the University of Miami, Miller School of Medicine. She completed her residency in OB/Gyn at University of Miami/Jackson Memorial Hospital. She trained at a top
Gynecological Oncology Fellowship program at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. While there, she developed a special interest in minimally invasive surgery.

Patients are referred as self referrals or from their primary care doctors or OB/GYNs. Certain criteria need to be met to perform the procedure as a single site case that should be discussed with the surgeon. Dr. Stine explained, “The single site application is mostly designed for benign gynecology and has limited application for malignancies right now. As the technology evolves, I hope to see this used in that population as well.”

Brandon Regional Hospital, located at 119 Oakfield Dr. in Brandon, is a 438-bed acute care facility that offers a number of specialty services. VIsit

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