Staff Report

Wagner Credit Repair has been providing credit education and repair in our community since 2009. Jeanette Acevedo, the President of Wagner Credit Repair has been the driving force behind the business making sure that she provides credit education at every opportunity.

Since the beginning, she has educated consumers on what are the factors that determine their credit score. Her need to educate at the most basic level is because they don’t teach this in school and there is so much inaccurate information out there that it’s scary.

Wagner Credit Repair is a Hillsborough County Certified Small Business, has partnered with Hillsborough County Libraries to educate at the library level and even their business card showcases the slices of credit that determine your score.

Recently, Ms. Acevedo’s book on credit “Get The Credit You Deserve” has been pulled off of Amazon by a publisher to make this information available to the masses. This is a huge accomplishment for Wagner Credit Repair. Ms. Acevedo’s goal in writing this book was because she wanted people to know that repairing their credit was not beyond their reach. She shares that, “They might need a little help but they can certainly do it on their own.”

Ms. Acevedo also states, “My business has grown from only providing credit repair to providing credit education, budgeting and our signature product a “Snapshot”. This is in essence a credit physical, providing a clear view of everything that is important for a consumer to know with reference to their credit. It’s an inexpensive way for them to know what they can do to improve their credit on their own. No one in the industry provides this because it is the reality check that consumers need. While other companies are trying to keep consumers for life or have them purchase services that line the company’s pocket we are trying to educate and empower consumers in the most cost effective way possible.”

People should also note that Wagner Credit Repair has not been acquired. Ms. Acevedo has had to dispel the inaccurate rumors of such as it is not the case. Wagner Credit Repair continues to be a local Brandon business and Jeanette Acevedo continues to serve as President. You can reach Wagner Credit Repair at 813-653-1485, on facebook at or at

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