By Kelly Wise Valdes

Miracles From Heaven Is The “Inspirational Movie of the Year”

As Hollywood races to win the under-estimated Christian moviegoer, Faith-based consumer groups award high marks to Miracles From Heaven. This movie follows on the heels of last year’s popular movie Heaven Is For Real.

Released nationwide on Friday, March 18, Sony/Columbia Picture’s film Miracles From Heaven receives a strong 4 out of 5 stars from faith consumer groups, meaning the film is highly likely to resonate with the Christian audience. The film, based on the best-selling book by Christy Beam, tells the true story of a little girl who faces an extraordinary, life-threatening disease and is miraculously healed following a freak accident and near-death experience.

Hollywood is rolling out faith content with a pace and frequency that is in keeping with demand. Christian consumers need to continue to support studios and box offices for offering the right content for the faith-based audience. Announces 2nd Annual Christian Movie Madness announces its 2nd Annual Christian Movie Madness matchup. Christian Movie Madness puts two Christian films of the last year in competition with each other, with the winner advancing in a tournament-style bracket. aims to bolster the Christian movie industry by creating an industry-wide buzz about audience-favorite films. Voting took place in March and the winner is to be announced on Tuesday, April 5.

The second year of Movie Madness features last year’s blockbusters such as War Room, Woodlawn, Captive, and 90 Minutes in Heaven, as well as excellent but lesser known films like Catastasis, Faith of Our Fathers, 1500 Steps, and The Drop Box.

Fans can follow the voting and discussion on social media by using the hashtag #christianmoviemadness.

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One of the Most Creative Christian Rock Releases of the Last 20 Years

Trinity Records is excited to announce the release of M.A.P.’s first album titled, From Where We Are, To Where We Will Be, on Sunday, April 10. The music contained on this album will offer a unique message and perspective to those who may still be seeking and searching for those truths in the Christian faith. Musically it’s accessible while still maintaining progressively creative arrangements giving the music an opportunity to connect with a wide audience.

The explosive growth in vinyl sales shows that many people desire a more tactile and tangible experience with how they interact with music.

Even if someone doesn’t have a turntable, the album is also offered on CD and downloads. For more information, visit

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