By Renee Hobbs

Larry Bauer has over 40 years experience as a handyman and has been operating in Hillsborough County since 2002. Bauer believes the most important things to consider when hiring a handyman are “honesty, integrity, quality and that the person is licensed.”

Bauer said he knew he wanted to become a handyman ever since he was a child, when he would help his father around the house and at work.

Bauer laughed with almost every sentence and was happy to talk about anything. “I like to have fun; I like a sense of humor. Personality is a big thing in this business” said Bauer.

He continued, “My sense of humor helps me help others not to stress about remodeling or anything else they need done.”

Bauer went on, “It’s all minor to me; anything can be fixed so I don’t want anyone to stress out about it.” The Handyman said the craziest thing he has ever pulled out of a drain was, a pair of ladies unmentionables.

And to add fuel to the fire Bauer recalled, “They didn’t belong to anyone in the family.”

Bauer said he left quickly, and added as he chuckled, “I didn’t want to get in the middle of that.”

The one thing everyone thinks they can fix is toilets said Bauer but he added, “As simple as it is, it’s not always the case.”

Fishhawk resident Jeff Winkler said he knows if he can tackle something or not, as he stated, “If I don’t think I can do it I won’t attempt it. I will call in a specialist.”

Bauer said he was encouraged by others to open his own business so he did, and he added, “God taught me everything I know and now I work for his people.”

He heads the Community Action Team as a volunteer at the Crossing Church in Tampa, which provides construction services to underprivileged people in the Tampa Bay area. He also volunteers in the children’s ministry coordinating the Safety/Security Team.

Bauer enjoys the outdoors on his rare days off and said, “My wife and I like to jump in the camper and go to any of Florida’s state parks.” Camping is a favorite of Bauer’s, along with hiking and just enjoying life. You can reach Bauer for emergency services or for more information about Bauer, you can contact him at

You can also reach the Handyman at 737-5544.

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