By Tamas Mondovics

The Greater Riverview Chamber of Commerce (GRCC) can hardly complain about the recent and ongoing growth within its borders. While the influx of new companies keeps the Chamber happy and its board of directors busy with the hosting of traditional ribbon cutting celebrations, both groups are well aware of the need to make sure that ample attention is also given to the maintenance and beautification of local roadways.

Thanks to such focus and the support of a number of local businesses, the GRCC was proud to announce last month that the medians along U.S. Hwy. 301 between Progress Blvd/Bloomingdale Ave. and Gibsonton Dr./Boyette Rd. are being well cared for and maintained.

According to GRCC Executive Director Tanya Doran, thanks to the community spirit of Riverview these vegetative medians are used to help beautify the roadway.

Doran added that dedicated folks supported the planting of nearly a dozen crepe myrtle trees along this stretch of S.R. 301, an effort that she said, “not only must continue, but is now being revitalized by means of a new maintenance contract with Natural Design Landscaping, a partnership with Hillsborough County and six generous local businesses.”

The businesses, or median sponsors, include All Family Law Group, Duffey Tree Care, Frostys Air Conditioning, KB Home Tampa, Serenity Meadows Memorial Park and The Mosaic Company.

“Through this unique partnership, the missing, dead or dying trees will be replaced and appropriately cared for, along with the grass properly cut and maintained,” Doran said.

Doran emphasized that the businesses involved have committed financially to help keep the medians well maintained over the next year. Each median will have one sign installed recognizing each of the supporters.

To cover the cost, GRCC is paying Natural Designs $900 per month for the maintenance only, while each median sponsor pays $1,200 per year ($300 per quarter or $100 per month) plus the expense of the signage ($100) per sign.

Doran said that Hillsborough County will be replacing the missing and/or diseased trees located on the medians in early summer. Businesses interested in becoming a future sponsor of one of these medians can contact GRCC at 234-5944 or

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