By Sandy Meyer

Many of us living in Florida understand what it’s like to be a transplant and be hundreds or even thousands of miles away from our extended families. While we now have the opportunity to share photos on Facebook and via text messages, we rarely are together in those photos with our loved ones.

In November, Huth and Booth Photography came up with a solution to this dilemma. A Riverview family approached Betty Huth to create a family portrait for the father and his wife. It would be 10 families including the father and his wife. They contacted four other photographers across the country and made arrangements for them to photograph each of the families in their areas and then send the resulting images to Huth and Booth for compositing into one large image.

This collaboration resulted in 10 different images that were then combined to make the finished image.

“We picked them because their style was similar to ours and we were able to seamlessly blend the photos together,” Huth said. Each family was told how to dress, and the photographers were asked to photograph on a specific kind of background with the same lighting that Huth and Booth was using for the families here in the Tampa area.

Huth explained where the concept of doing this photo came from.

“There’s a photographer in Utah that takes pictures of large Mormon families individually and puts them all together to make one large family portrait,” she said. “He never did it the way we did, which was using five photographers from around the country,” she added.

All of this was done in the month of November and the image was completed early in December in time to have it printed as a surprise Christmas gift for the father and his wife. The gift was a surprise Christmas Day and was received amid tears of joy. Five photographers, four states, 10 sessions, and four dogs, went into the preparation of this family portrait. Huth and Booth Photography created an image that will live for this family for generations. For more information about Huth and Booth Photography, call 447-9909 or visit

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