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IMRSIV Media, in association with The Independent Filmmakers of Gulf Coast and Central Florida, is currently in pre-production for the independent feature film “Proof”. The film’s production headquarters is in the rapidly growing community of Riverview, which is located in rural Hillsborough County, Florida. Riverview was selected as the most logical site for the movie’s base of operations as it is the home of the film’s writer, Steven Slawin.
The project’s final pre-production meeting will be held for the full cast and crew on April 24, 2016 and principle photography will begin in early May.

The film stars Patrick Weston and Monika Eldred as Tim and Janey-Anne Butler, a couple whose relationship is affected dramatically when Tim and his best friend, Eugene Berry (Tujuane Doughty in his first significant role) witness a UFO “event”. Things take an unexpected turn when author and self-proclaimed paranormal expert Stanton Kole III (veteran actor Peter J. Konowicz) arrives to assist in validating the encounter. Attempting to keep order throughout is Sheriff John Paine, played by Richard A. Ramsey. Riverview, Gibsonton, Ruskin, Tampa, Lakeland and other nearby locations will stand-in for the fictional town of Palm Breeze, Florida where the events of the story are set.dude.001

Currently the film has a primary cast and crew of roughly thirty (30) individuals who are donating their time, expertise, and experience to the movie. Some participants are traveling from other parts of the state including Orlando, Sarasota, and even Ft. Myers – at their own expense – for the chance to be a part of this project.

The film’s director, Carl Walins, is gratified by the outpouring of support for the project: “It is simply amazing how many people want to be a part of this movie,” Walins marvels. “We’ve literally had to turn people away because we don’t have enough roles or enough jobs to go around. This area is such a fertile ground of talented people who want to get together and make something they can really be proud of.”

The movie’s producers are hoping that Riverview and the nearby communities will provide even further support for the project in the form of shooting locations and extras. “We’re still looking for a few places to shoot: we need a rural church for a town hall meeting scene, a wooded area for the UFO landing site, and a few other locations, like a local diner, a motel, and some office and/or warehouse space,” Walins said. “Eventually we’re going to need extras for several scenes. We’re hoping that owners of suitable locations in the area will contact us and offer their sites for use in our little film.”

Property owners, residents of the area and others who provide locations, people or services to the production will receive an official “thank you” in the film’s credits.

The Tampa Bay area has been a popular destination for film and other media projects, including the recent Bryan Cranston starring vehicle “The Infiltrator”. However, this is the first time a project of this scope has been based out of the community of Riverview.

Official details on the production of “Proof” – including the full cast and crew listing – can be found online at the Internet Movie Database (IMDB) by visiting the film’s page:

Proof (2017)
An official pre-production “teaser” poster is available to download and may be used in any media coverage:
IMRSIV Media’s Facebook page offers news regarding the production of “Proof”:

For additional information, please contact the film’s director, Carl Walins, at 813-500-8073 or via e-mail at

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