By Catrina Hebert

April showers bring May flowers. It is the time of year when the bugs are out and the lawns need attention. Plant It Earth is able to address all these spring welcoming activities.

Maintaining a lawn in Florida does not go without hiring a professional. The hot days, insects and wild Bermuda grass are just a few of a homeowner’s troubles.

“I tell my guys they need to become a part of the family,” Troy Crews, president of company said. Crews mentioned Plant it Earth strives to make a more personal experience with the homeowner.

The technicians leave letters to each customer to inform them of the service they have provided. Customers have the ability to contact their technicians if they have any concerns by requesting the technician’s phone number.

“If the customer needs to call and chat, we don’t mind them calling and chatting about whatever,” Crews said.

It is no charge for a technician to return to a home to address a customer’s concerns with their lawns.

“They are very responsive of taking care of my concerns,” Ray Riggsbee, Plant It Earth customer of five years said.

“We want them to be our partners; we see (the lawn) once a month they see it every day,” Crews said.

Educating the customer on watering the lawn is a part of the service Plant It Earth provides.

“They let us know if we are watering enough or too little,” Gretchen Grdovic, Plant It Earth customer of four years said.

“We guarantee our work as long as the customer waters their lawns,” Crews said.

Plant It Earth offers lawn fertilization, tree and shrub care, indoor and outdoor pest control including fleas, fire ant control and aeration services. Plant It Earth also offers pressure washing services.

Since 2003 Plant It Earth has be making the lawns of Hillsborough, Sarasota, Pope, Pasco and Orange counties look beautiful. Mention this article to receive 50 percent off your first application. For Plant It Earth to become a part of your family, contact at 1-866-794-1077 or visit

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