By Andria Barrios

Former local resident and acclaimed author, Derek Maul, recently published his latest book entitled Pilgrim in Progress: Notes from the Journey. His rising career in faith-based journalism has made a profound impact on the Christian world.

“My newest book was inspired by my commitment to make each day an irreplaceable experience of learning, grace, love and wonder,” Maul explained. He then tells how, recently in 2011, he began blogging frequently, and soon grew his blog up to 6,000 regular readers. He then placed his best posts into 10 categories which make up the book.

“I feel like a pilgrim, and I’m confident that I’m making progress,” he continues, in explanation of his book’s title. Released in December of 2015, Pilgrim in Progress is available on Amazon as well as CreateSpace for $13.50 and Kindle for $6.

“I took the cover photograph at the top of Mt. Sinai just a couple of years ago. The story of how I got to the summit is the introduction to the book,” he explained.

Maul and his wife lived in Florida for a total of 31 years, spending 14 years in Pensacola and 17 in Brandon, where his wife served as senior pastor at First Presbyterian Church of Brandon and he taught exceptional education. He began his freelance writing career over 10 years ago, and has since written for publications such as The Tampa Tribune, Newsweek, USA Today, Guideposts, Presbyterians Today and even our own Christian Voice.

In 2013, they moved to North Carolina where his wife was called to serve as senior pastor at Wake Forest Presbyterian Church. Maul enjoys spending time with his two grown children and two grandchildren, along with his faithful canine companion, Scout.

He first began writing books in 2006 and has since published six books. “I’m excited about the format of Pilgrim in Progress,” he finishes. “I believe it makes my writing, and my message, more immediate and accessible.”

His next endeavor is another book entitled In God’s Image: What the New Testament Teaches About Being a Man.

Visit Derek Maul’s website at and follow his blog at www.derekmaul. Purchase his books on Amazon at

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