By Jillian Tumlin

The Career Job Fair & Resource Expo has been held in Tampa for five years, and its return this year is quickly approaching. Those seeking full time or part time jobs, as well as those interested in developing their education and training, are encouraged to come to start their own small business. Susan Longo, the CEO director of sales and marketing of Red Carpet USA Entertainment & Events, works to organize the event every year.

“We held the first job fair at the Florida State Fairgrounds in 2011, and it was a great success. People crowded all around looking for jobs. It was such a success, we continued it to help more people find jobs,” Longo said.

The job fair is held about four to five times a year in Tampa Bay. Between 20 to 30 companies attend the fair and vendor applications are available past Sunday, June 5. Several companies and jobs appear at the fair, with even a special veteran’s section to cater to those involved with the military.

A Dress for Success exhibit will be at the Career Job Fair & Resource Expo, teaching people how to dress for work and properly conduct job interviews. This particular feature of the fair helps attendees understand the importance of dressing appropriately and how proper attire can be effective at an interview.

“Appearance is everything, so please dress for success,” said Longo regarding the program.

The Career Job Fair & Resource Expo is sponsored by the NAACP, which supplies computers onsite for attendees to apply for jobs immediately. Other features include the free resume review and writing classes are held every hour. Educational resources are provided by local colleges and universities.

“Our mission is to help small and large companies acquire the staff they need and gain exposure for their business,” Longo said.

The job fair will be held at the Florida State Fairgrounds on Thursday, June 16, from 10 a.m.-3 p.m. Vendors are expected to be at the fair at 8 a.m. Other contacts constructing the event include Carolyn Miller, the community relations coordinator, and Arthur Pierce, the IT/webmaster director of operations. For more information regarding becoming a vendor, visit Further information can be obtained by contacting Red Carpet USA at

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