By Amy Schechter

It’s easy to find an excuse to put your health and wellness in the backseat, but this experience put me back up front. At Apollo Beach Massage Therapy and Wellness Center, I know you will leave feeling renewed and refreshed, both physically and mentally.

Bill Smith, the owner and operator, opened the practice in 2003 after finding his passion. Previously, he worked in telecommunications and information technology for over 30 years, but he finds that providing relief to people is far more satisfying. Since then has had one goal, “To make our clients feel better.” Whether one seeks reprieve from a medical condition, help in coping with daily stresses, or improved well-being, Apollo Beach Massage and Wellness Center has services tailored to fit your needs.

Smith and his team of licensed massage therapists utilize several different therapeutic massage techniques to take care of soft tissue related problems. They also offer a versatile multispectrum infrared sauna for dealing with aches and pains, weightloss efforts, detoxification, and overall cellular health. The team will work with you to get a sense of your current physical condition, medical history, stress level, and lifestyle to help you reach your goals and improve your life.

In order to get a better sense of what he and his team of licensed massage therapists can provide, Smith offered to help treat an injury I incurred while exercising. When I came to him, I had a literal pain in the buttocks where the piriformis muscle had tightened, aggravated my sciatic nerve, and created acute pain down my left leg. He began by using a Micro Point Stimulation (MPS) therapy technique where he applied concentrated DC microcurrent to acupuncture points. This non-invasive treatment is designed to relax muscles, calm the nervous system, and release endorphins, which act as the body’s natural painkillers. Besides soothing pain, I learned MPS therapy can help fade scarring over time, such as dimnishing c-section and other surgical scars, and even ease symptoms of diabetic neuropathy. He then massaged the affected area along with my back, which definitely relieved both muscle tension and stress. He ended the session with an assisted stretching technique called reciprocal inhibition stretching in which he “tricked” the tightened muscle into relaxing through the activation of an opposite muscle. After my visit, my pain level was noticeably lower, and I am confident I will be back hitting the gym and pounding the pavement in no time.

Call 641-9118 or visit Apollo Beach Massage Therapy and Wellness Center is located at 100 Frandorson Circle, Ste, 201 in Apollo Beach.

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