By Kathy Collins

The May exhibit at the Bruton Memorial Library in Plant City is a collection of paintings created by Charlotte Dillon of Plant City. In her artist’s statement, Dillon said, “Almost four years ago we bought a seven acre property in Plant City. We were just two city kids with lots of dreams. A small farm education pales the likes of our college degrees.” Dillon dedicated the show “to her tractor driving husband.”

There are nine pieces in this colorful, eclectic collection. Dillon paints a picture of what life is like on a small farm.

An example of Dillon’s work is Intuition, a painting of a dog. Dillon’s statement said, “This shepherd showed up unannounced the day one of my goats died. He will ever be a reminder to me of God sending me a comforter right when I need one, even before.”

Another example of Dillon’s work is Unforeseeable Future, a painting of a lady on a bike. Dillon’s statement said, “Not too long ago behind every tractor driving man farmer was a lovely tough woman. Tenderness is a great strength on a farm. I need it daily.”

Chad Loving, administrative and services assistant for the Bruton Memorial Library, said, “Charlotte’s work is attention grabbing and full of joy. Her bright colors and fun subjects cause smiles and a sense of warmth. Her pieces remind her audience of family and growth. Her training and technical skills are evident in her work, bringing a polish to her folk art techniques and subjects.”

According to Loving, Dillon’s Tribute to Farm Life in Plant City is quite timely and fitting.

“As a rural, agriculture-focused community, the residents of Plant City will especially appreciate Charlotte’s work. Representations of life are always relevant, but Charlotte’s depiction of farm life using the folk art style will particularly resonate with the patrons of Bruton Memorial Library,” said Loving.

The Bruton Memorial Library is located at 302 McLendon St. in historic downtown Plant City. The library exhibits the work of local artists each month. Artists interested in having an exhibit at the library can pick up an application at the front desk.

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