By Katelyn Massarelli

When you pull a penny out of your pocket you usually would not think twice after seeing the bronze color to hand it over to the cash register. What if that penny had more significance to it than any normal penny? Look twice at the head on that penny. Is it President Lincoln or is it a Native American? Though rare, Indian Head Pennies are just one of few coins that light a spark in local collectors of the Brandon Coin Club that inspire their love for history.

Members are a mix of people from different age groups that either have collected and have been interested in studying coins their whole life or have a limited amount of knowledge on coins and come eager to learn. According to the Brandon Coin Club President Paul Giordano, anyone is welcome to the meetings and the younger generations are encouraged to come out and expand their knowledge on the history that lies behind a given coin.

“We are all like-minded,” Giordano said. “We all like coins and each coin has a story to tell that you can hear.”

Each meeting features presentations on different coins ranging from national to international coins and the history behind the time period. According to Vice President Bill Jones, the love for coins is influenced by a person’s interest in filling the historical wholes from a coin’s antiquity.

Jones is in charge of presenting the educational background of coins from all over the world and the given time period. He is available to give guest lectures on the Brandon Coin Club’s behalf to any charitable or not-for-profit organization wanting to learn more about coins for free with donations accepted.

“By holding a certain coin in your hand,” Jones said, “You’re actually holding something from a given time period.”

On Saturday, June 25, the Brandon Coin Club will be hosting a coin and currency show at the Brandon Elks Lodge at 800 Centennial Lodge Dr. in Brandon. The club is expecting to have 25 to 30 coin dealers present. Admission is free and the show will be open to the public starting at 9 a.m.

Individuals interested in becoming a member or attending a meeting with the Brandon Coin Club can call 719-5192 for more information on meeting location and time. Membership for adults is $12 and for juniors is $3.50 with an annual membership renewal fee. You do not have to be a member to attend the meetings.

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