By Katelyn Massarelli

When you want a hot drink or soup, you do not want to have to wait for it to cool down. You either drink it right away causing mouth burns or put ice in it causing the drink to dilute and losing the flavor you desired. Jack Kramer, bankruptcy and personal injury lawyer, has invented a device dedicated to solve this problem.

“I have been doing personal injury and bankruptcy work for over 20 years now in Brandon,” Kramer said. “I’ve worked hard to help my clients. I understand how important it is for everyone to have a new start in their lives. I also like thinking of little ways to make life easier for everyone.”

Kramer’s invention, Quick Coolit, is designed to absorb heat from a hot beverage, making it just the right temperature without having to wait. The device uses ultralight metal alloy, a less dense metal that can suck up heat and get rid of the heat just as fast after running it under cool water. Five to 10 seconds is all it takes to make your soup or beverage a temperature perfect for consumption.

Three years ago, Kramer first got the idea for Quick Coolit from his and his wife’s experiences drinking hot tea and soup. Seeing the problem with putting ice in a beverage and having the flavor diluted by the melted ice was the inspiration Kramer needed to come up with the idea.

“I hit upon the idea of a radiator of sorts that I made by placing several large flat washers spaced out along a long bolt with a screwdriver handle on the end to insulate it so it could be held, once hot,” Kramer said, “I tried it in cups of tea and coffee I had superheated in the microwave like you get so often at Starbucks or McDonalds and after swirling my prototype around in the liquid a few seconds the results were dramatic.”

He started with water heated to 160 degrees, the temperature a hot coffee or tea is served at in Starbucks, and after swirling Quick Coolit in the water for 10 seconds, the temperature dropped 20 degrees. Another use he found for his invention was cooling wines or cold beverages by swirling it around just as you would a hot beverage.

“I have always enjoyed taking things apart to see whether I could fix them or not since, hey, it’s not working what do I have to lose?” Kramer said. “More often than not I’ll find that I can usually get things working again and I think a lot about everyday problems and their solutions.”

Learn more about Quick Coolit or purchase the device at www.quickcoolit. com. There are demonstration videos available for customers. A Quick Coolit device costs $19.95.

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