Staff Report

Following the announcement of a Rescue Unit being moved from Lithia-Fishhawk Station 2 to the Riverview Station 16, Commissioner White addressed the community’s serious concerns about a possible decline to their public safety and health welfare.

“First, please know that I agree that this is a serious concern that could impact safety in the Lithia and Fishhawk communities greatly,” Commissioner Stacy White stated. “While I respect the Fire Chief’s recommendation and expertise, I believe that this is a valuable community asset, especially as eastern Hillsborough County has long been neglected in County services. Frankly, I am disappointed in County staff for not bringing this to my attention before making this final decision which could very possibly have a negative impact on thousands of my constituents.”

“I am aware that the Fishhawk community will be getting a new fire station in 2018 – but that’s a year and a half away and a lot can happen in that time. That is why I am going to be bringing up this issue at the next Regular Board of County Commissioners meeting, which is July 20th,” said White. “I would strongly encourage any concerned residents to attend that meeting to ensure the Board is aware of their concerns during the time provided for public comment. If you are not able to attend, please contact the Board via email to voice your and the community’s concerns.”

“I want to make it clear that it is my distinct pleasure to represent the citizens of District 4, and I am proud to be outspoken in any matter that is of supreme community importance,” White said. “But, frankly, it takes four votes to pass a motion. I am prevented by law from discussing business with my colleagues outside of public meetings and, as you can imagine, it makes situations like this substantially more difficult. You have my wholehearted support, but this will required action by the full Board. That is why grassroots activism and community activism is so important – so I would encourage Lithia and Fishhawk residents to continue to be vocal on this subject to the rest of the Board. I’ve heard you loud and clear.”

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