By Ivy Velazquez

“What two things that I have found with God: He is constant, and He is faithful.” Taken from I Have a Story to Tell: Seeing God’s Faithfulness Through My Life by Candace N. Edwards, this quote is a good representation of what her book is about.

Published in May 2015, I Have a Story to Tell is Edwards’ testimony about her trials after her husband’s incarceration and their following divorce. As a single mother of two, she faced many challenges and in her book, she writes of how she managed to pull through thanks to her faith and God’s faith in her.

Though she starts off in Oklahoma at the beginning of the book, she is eventually drawn back to her home state of Florida. Originally born in Fort Lauderdale, Edwards grew up as military child and served six years in the Army herself. She now lives in Brandon, where she is raising her two children and remaining active in her faith, as well as pursuing her Master’s in mental health counseling at the University of South Florida.

When asked about what led her to write her book, Edwards said, “I just really felt God leading me, saying, ‘This is your testimony’.” She also explained how many people urged her to write her story whenever she would tell it to them.

Self-published through Xulon, the book only took Edwards about six months to write. Afterwards, it was just a matter of getting it edited and finding a picture for the cover. Though I Have a Story to Tell may have been Edwards’ first book, it definitely isn’t her last. Her second, called Thy Grace is Sufficient, is due to be released this December before Christmas.

In this upcoming book, Edwards focuses on acknowledging our weaknesses and how God uses them to bring us to Him.

“We all have weaknesses; we all have shortcomings. God still uses those in His glory to help other people and to help other people,” she said. Edwards further explained how these “thorns” are a way of God keeping us humble and reminding us not to let our pride blind us.

Edwards feels that God has really helped her out of situations that could have taken a turn for the worse and hopes I Have a Story to Tell will help readers to realize that they are not alone, helping them keep faith that He will be there for them as well. Edwards can be reached at candaceedwards82@ Visit /IHASTT15. I Have a Story to Tell: Seeing God’s Faithfulness Through My Life can be purchased as an ebook for $5.99 or as a paperback for $10.99 on Amazon.

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