By Kathy Collins

Flock your friends and help Girl Scout Troop 267 earn their way to Europe in 2018. The ladies of Troop 267 have earned their Bronze and Silver Awards. Several are currently working on their Gold Award project. All of them have spent many years working on service to the community and fundraising. Now, they are offering the community the opportunity to help them with their newest project- Flocking to Europe.

Troop 267 is a Cadette/Senior Girl Scout Troop based in the Beautiful Butterflies Community. There are seven girls in the troop and many of them have been together since they were Daisies nine years ago.

Girl Scout Troops of West Central Florida have certain goals to meet. One of the goals is to develop each girl’s leadership ability.

“To that end, each girl in the troop was tasked with taking the lead on a fundraising project of her choice,” explained Serena Bennett, a 14 year old student at Riverview High School. After researching projects, Rachel Stanton, a 14 year old student at Mann Middle School, came up with Flocking to Europe.

“I thought this was a perfect way to get the community involved in a fun and exciting way, all while raising funds. Living in Florida also made it perfect,” explained Stanton.

Visit and place your order or make a donation. The cost of the flock depends on the number of flamingos, but it ranges from $20 to $40. You can find out who flocked you for a donation of $10, and you can get anti-flocking insurance for a $20 donation.

The flamingos stay in the yard for 24 hours. If you have a sports fan or would like a specially decorated flock of flamingos, that can be done for an additional $5 to $10 donation.

Angelena Baldi, a 15 year old student at Armwood High School, said, “We have been working and saving for three years to go to Europe. A part of the funds raised will go toward a service project that is currently in the works.”

Darlene Bennett is the Troop Leader and Jeanne Baldi is the Troop Co-Leader. Troop 267 meets on the second and fourth Thursday of each month at Seffner Presbyterian Church. While this troop is not taking in new members, there are troops in the area, visit

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