By Tatiana Ortiz
Photo courtesy of Head Over Heels Photography.

Fifteen years ago, Kristen Elizabeth Hoyos of Valrico discovered an incredible passion for an instrument that many have not heard or seen. She fell in love with the harp at a young age, which grew into something more throughout the years.

In the eighth grade, her guitar teacher introduced the harp to her. In addition to the harp, she can also play the violin, piano and guitar. Her father plays the piano and she comes from a family of musicians. Hoyos attended Howard W. Blake High School for the performing arts where her skills and passion for music grew.

“The harp and piano are very similar when it comes to reading music,” said Hoyos.

With all those years of experience, Hoyos teaches harp at a Montessori school called Bloomingdale Children’s House in Brandon one day a week. She mostly teaches harp lessons at her home. People of all ages can come learn the harp. Hoyos has been teaching for two years and loves it.

On the weekends, one may find Hoyos playing her harp at a wedding, corporate event, fundraiser and more. Her harp business continues to flourish with just two years of operation. She travels to various parts of Florida with her harp. Her rates begin at $250, but that can increase depending on the type of event. To book an event, individuals can visit, which gives more detailed information.

Given the opportunity to play for others and meet different people is something that Hoyos enjoys. Along with that, a talent agency selected Hoyos to be featured in a television commercial for an international chemical company called BASF. The production of the commercial occurred on the Skyway Bridge. She also won an Instagram contest for Harp Column magazine called Practical Harpist about how technology improved their business where she won a year subscription to Harp Column.

“I strive to be better because it is not work when it is your passion,” said Hoyos. For more information, visit her Facebook page or call (304)-804-4277.

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Tatiana Ortiz
Tatiana Ortiz is a freelance writer with the Osprey Observer Newspaper. She began as an intern here in 2010 and has been writing since. Tatiana graduated from the University of South Florida in 2015. She earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communications with a concentration in Public Relations. In her free time, Tatiana enjoys photography, biking and being with her family.