By Kathy Collins

Members of Apostles Lutheran Church in Brandon have welcomed a new pastor, Jim Page. At 39 years old, Page is young and energetic. Page, along with his wife, Michelle, and their children arrived in Brandon in April. They have been busy making the area their new home.

Jim is originally from Eau Claire, Wisconsin. He earned his Bachelor’s in Comparative Studies in Religion with a minor in Philosophy in 2000. He then went on to graduate from Luther Seminary in St. Paul, Minnesota in 2004. He is the first in his family to go to college and become a pastor.

Jim spent two and a half years at Faith Lutheran Church in Balsom Lake, Wisconsin and then another nine years at Trinity Lutheran Church in Eau Claire before accepting the call to come to Apostles Lutheran Church in Brandon.

Apostles Lutheran spent nearly two years without a permanent pastor. Jim is a perfect fit for Apostles Lutheran.The affable father of three can certainly relate to the challenges faced by many families in the area. Jim believes that there needs to be a balance between seriousness and humor. “A pastor needs to be approachable,” Jim said. “I like to preach in a way that is relevant. I want everyone who hears a sermon to be able to relate to it. Apostles Lutheran Church is very focused on moving forward while still holding onto its vision and focus. Everyone has been so friendly and welcoming to us since we arrived.”

Jim also likes to give Sermon Series so that if someone misses church, they can pick up where they left off when they come back. In addition, Jim would like to update Apostles Lutheran’s Home Visitation system.

“I do not want people to feel overlooked because they are unable to get to church because they are sick,” said Jim. His sermons are online and can be read or heard at
Jim and Michelle Page have been married for 11 years and have three children; Ben, 9, Abby, 7 and Katie, 3. The family lives in Riverview. Michelle has a Master’s in Special Education and will be working at Wimauma Elementary this fall.

Apostles Lutheran Church is located at 200 Kingsway Rd. in Brandon. Services are held every Sunday at 8:45 a.m. and 10:45 a.m. For more information, call 689-2571.

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