By Kathy Collins

With 26 years of experience and the expertise that comes with being a Board Certified Attorney in Marital and Family Law, Gary Dolgin is uniquely qualified to serve as a Hillsborough County Circuit Court Judge. Dolgin is running for judge in Group 24 and encourages everyone to vote on Tuesday, August 30.

In Florida, Board Certification recognizes an attorney’s special knowledge, skill and proficiency in a particular area of law. It also recognizes professionalism and ethics in practice. The minimum standards to become Board Certified are quite rigorous which is why there are only about 26 attorneys in Hillsborough County and only 273 in the state of Florida who are Board Certified in Marital and Family Law.

Dolgin is the only candidate in Group 24 to have achieved this distinction. In addition, he would be the first Circuit Court Judge elected in Hillsborough County who is Board Certified in Marital and Family Law.

According to Dolgin, this makes him qualified because, “Family law is the division that most new judges are assigned. This area of law affects the greatest number of citizens in our state. Everyone has a friend or family member who has gone through the process. People want someone who is an expert in what is going to happen with their children, their money and their property.”

Moreover, Dolgin has experience in criminal law as he served as an Assistant State Attorney in Manatee County and an Assistant Public Defender in Hillsborough County. He has handled juvenile delinquency and dependency cases as well- all areas of law that a Circuit Court Judge must rule upon.

Dolgin said, “I want to be this community’s Marital and Family Law Judge because the area impacts a tremendous number of people, and citizens deserve a judge who has both the expertise and passion for the law.”

Dolgin has lived almost all of his life in Hillsborough County. He has been married to Wendi Towbin-Dolgin, a registered nurse, for 25 years. They have twin 18 year olds, a son Corey and a daughter Mallory, and a 12 year old son, Ari.

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