2016-2017 School Calendar

Hillsborough County Public Schools will begin welcoming more than 200,000 students back to the district on Wednesday, August 10. Cutting the summer break a bit shorter, the district’s approved new calendar has shifted the school year up two weeks. View the full calendar onine at www.sdhc.k12.fl.us/calendar/.

New Teacher Orientation

Led by Superintendent Jeff Eakins, school board members, and district staff, more than 600 new teachers were welcomed to Hillsborough County Public Schools during the annual New Teacher Orientation held last month at Armwood High School.

This year’s four-day orientation emphasized a fresh look, in response to the needs of district teachers as well as their feedback from previous years.

The first two days aimed at familiarizing teachers with the district’s mission, vision, and goals through a comprehensive induction model.

Days three and four included CHAMPS/Discipline in the Secondary Classroom training to assist teachers with establishing classroom culture during the first few weeks of school.

Experienced teachers were invited to register for various courses offered during day there and four at the district’s main training facility. For more information about Hillsborough County Public Schools, visit www.sdhc. k12.fl.us.

Valrico Boy Counts To A Million Earns Mathematics Award

Five-year-old Valrico boy, Cade William Weart, is starting Kindergarten this fall and while according to his parents he is no different from his classmates and friends, there is one thing in which he stands out; his love of numbers.

“Cade has been obsessed with numbers since the age of four,” said his father, Jeremy Weart.

To show his love and zeal for mathematics, Cade has decided that he wanted to count to one million, a goal, which with the help and support of his parents took him about seven months to accomplish.

Cade was recently recognized for accomplishing his goal with a certificate of excellence and a mathematics award at the Apostles Lutheran preschool where he attended VPK last season.
Jeremy said that Cade started out slow and counted to 100, followed by wanting to count to 1,000.

“I thought he was done but he begged me help him reach 1 million,” Jeremy said. “I didn’t think we would get done, but we finally did. We counted by ones to get to 1,000. Then I decided we needed to count by a thousand to get to one million or it would take us two years.

Reaching his goal does not mean the end of counting as Cade is now ready for the next level in the world of numbers.

“He wants to master his multiplication tables,” Jeremy said, adding that his son demands they cover at least one multiplication table before he goes to sleep each night. “I kept him from division for the longest time but he insisted on learning how to do it, so I mix it up and try and make it really fun for him.”

Now father and son takes about 30 minutes a day on average to practice and to sharpen Cade’s math skills.

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