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Hillsborough County, Fla. (Aug. 29, 2016) – Starting at noon today, Hillsborough County is making sandbag materials available to the public at all three County Public Works Service Units.

Sandbags will be available at these units from noon to 4 p.m. today, and from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday through Thursday.

West Service Unit – 9805 Sheldon Road in Tampa

South Service Unit – 8718 Old Big Bend Road in Gibsonton

East Service Unit – 4702 Sydney Road in Plant City

Materials will be available for Hillsborough County residents to make their own sandbags. Each resident must sign their name and provide their home address acknowledging the receipt of 25 sandbags or less. An instructional video is available on YouTube.

Use Caution in Heavy Rains

The potential for heavy rainfall will increase across the region during the week as a tropical depression moves northward through the Gulf of Mexico. Motorists are urged to exercise caution on roadways as weather conditions warrant.

Residents should keep in mind these floodwater safety tips:

Don’t drive through moving or standing water. Water that is 2 feet deep can disable most vehicles.

Treat non-functioning traffic signals as a four-way stop.

Observe all barricades and detours. They are there for your protection.

Avoid standing water. Floodwaters may contain fecal matter, bacteria, and viruses.

Clear yard of debris or items that can block water flow and storm drains.

Avoid downed power lines. Always assume power lines are live.

Watch for workers repairing surfaces, and follow all directional instructions and detour signs.

Residents can go online to, or call (813) 635-5400 to report flooding and road problems or to request additional information.

Additional storm safety and preparation tips can be found at

Get Connected. Stay Alert.

Hillsborough County residents and visitors are encouraged to register for HCFL Alert, Hillsborough County’s official public notification system for emergency and urgent alerts. To receive messages by email, phone, and text, go to

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