By Katelyn Massarelli

With summer coming to an end, it’s a busy time of year for parents, teachers, and students as they prepare to enter yet another school year. As students advance in their education the work gets harder, and textbooks and amounts of reading gets larger making eye care a priority for everyone going back to school.

According to Co-owner of Pearle Vision of Brandon Sara Plumb, most parents and educators incorrectly assume that if a child passes a school screening, then there are no vision problems. Many school screenings only test for distance visual acuity, so a child with 20/20 vision can still have vision problems. The vision skills needed for successful reading and learning are more complex.

“Eye problems often mask themselves as learning disabilities,” Plumb said. “Since 80 percent of what you learn is through vision, the better you see, the better you learn.”

To make sure your child’s vision is in tip-top shape for this school year, Pearle Vision of Brandon is offering free polycarbonate lenses during its back to school sale running through the end of the year. According to Plumb, polycarbonate lenses help protect a child’s vision by holding up to rough-and-tumble play or sports without cracking or shattering.

“We insist on polycarbonate lenses for children’s eyeglasses for safety reasons,” Plumb said. “The material is lighter than standard plastic or glass, which makes eyeglasses with polycarbonate lenses more comfortable to wear and less likely to slide down your child’s nose. And they block out 99 percent of UV rays, another important feature built into to polycarbonate lenses.”

Pearle Vision of Brandon is owned by Sara and her brother, Michael Plumb. It offers a wide variety of frame styles from brands such as Ray-Ban, Converse, and Nike for children to choose from to make glasses stylish and ready for school.

Visit Pearle Vision of Brandon is located at 1929 W. Brandon Blvd in Brandon. Call 681-8880 to book your child’s back to school eye care appointment.

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