By Kathy L. Collins

Lyna Knight and Susan Weicherding both left successful corporate lives and instead of retiring, started fulfilling second careers as blueberry farmers in Lithia. Knight owned and operated United Title Insurance and Weicherding was a tax consultant for Ernst & Young.

Recently, the pair and their farm, Lyna Berry Farm, was featured on RFD-TV’s new series, FarmHer. The series focuses its camera lens on women in agriculture through the eyes of photographer and TV host, Marji Guyler-Alaniz. The show takes viewers on a journey through a day in the life of many diverse women, telling their story and aiming to create a dialogue that highlights the importance women play in agriculture.

Knight and Weicherding have been friends since 1999. Becoming a farmer was originally Knight’s idea. “After researching and visiting other farms I convinced Susan it was a good plan,” explained Knight. “We started farming part time in 2004 because we loved being outdoors and wanted to put that love to use with our land doing something that could bring an income and enjoyment,” added Knight.

The pair grow their blueberries and sell them commercially to Wish Farms. They then open their farm to the public for several weeks in May for you pick.

“We take great pride in farming a successful crop, learning from trial and error and listening to other growers that share their knowledge. We physically do all the work,” said Knight. They received the CARE Award for Best Management Practices. “To be part of the FarmHer series was a tremendous honor and proof that gender should never dictate what career path you take or when you take it,” added Knight.

FarmHer airs on Fridays at 9:30 p.m. with an encore on Saturday at 11 a.m. and Sunday at 9:30 p.m. The series will continue through the fall. For a full program schedule and more information on RFD-TV, please visit

Knight said, “Susan and I are proud to have taken an idea, love of the land, and put it to work giving us a life that is a dream come true. We work very hard not taking anything for granted and hope to share the fruits of our labor with everyone.”

You can like Lyna Berry Farms on Facebook and find out when you picks are scheduled.

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