By Pearlie Mondovics

For one local teen and FishHawk resident, Justin Perez, 17, a good idea, along with some initiative driven by the need for some extra cash, turned into a quite successful business.

Naming his business, Yard Cards R Us, which he started last March, Perez makes good use of any front yard, by bringing greetings to the homeowners as well as neighborhood as they celebrate an event or accomplishment.

“It’s all right in the yard and is a fun way to surprise someone,” said Perez, the Newsome High School senior.

Perez explained that the large cards that are seen popping up all around the community are approximately three-feet-tall, corrugated blue and white plastic letters, that can be accompanied by balloons, graduating hats, smiley faces and hearts just to name a few.

“The cards are all customizable to fit any occasion, including holidays, birthdays, anniversaries and the best part is that they are easy to set up,” he said, adding that on the day of the event he goes out at night between 8 and 10 p.m., posts the signs gets paid and his work is done.

Living in a military family, Perez first came across the idea in North Carolina and bought his first Happy Birthday sign three years ago.

“I have a secretary, who doubles as my mom and receives the calls for me and writes down the address, what the clients want the cards to say, as well as what little balloons or smiley faces they want to go with it,” he said.

Giving credit to where credit is due, Perez added that it was his mom, who first got the idea for the now well-functioning business, while the family lived up north.

While looking for a job to earn some extra cash, the decision was made to buy more signs and make it a business.

For now Perez is keeping his business local within FishHawk and neighboring communities, charging $30 for each job, no matter what the signs says as long as it fits the yard. If the address is a bit farther outside the community, Perez said the he will charge a little more.

He hopes that residents will make use of this effective way to make life’s moments extra special.

For more information, please contact Yard Cards R Us on Facebook or call 653-1012.

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