By Kelly Wise Valdes

There is an old European proverb that says, “Who does not thank for little, will not thank for much.” In other words, if a person is thankful for God’s gifts and blessings, they will experience more of life’s goodness. These beautiful and unique books will help you and your family celebrate the season of Thanksgiving as it lead into advent. As Christians, we should try to live a life of “Thanksgiving” every day and live in a way that honors god with our gratitude.

Walking with God While Cooking for My Family
By: Freeman-Smith

This faith-based book directs you to God’s Word as you cook and prepare meals for your family. This fun book of thanksgiving includes a collection of 30 devotionals with recipes, Scriptures, quotes from Christian writers, teachers and speakers. This is a must-have book for every Christian home.

Thank God: Stories of Gratitude, Harvest, and Home
By: Paraclete Press

This small book is big on Thanksgiving and God-influenced gatherings. It includes reflections from Henry van Dyke, Sarah Josepha Hale (the “Mother of the American Thanksgiving”), Abraham Lincoln, and Louisa May Alcott, as well as songs, psalms and prayers.

The First Thanksgiving
By: Robert Tracy McKenzie

The Pilgrims’ celebration of the first Thanksgiving is a keystone of America’s national and spiritual identity. This book tells the captivating story of the birth of this quintessentially American holiday, and helps us to better understand the tale of America’s origins and for Christians, to reflect on the significance of this special day.

Thanksgiving Every Day
By: Ely Roque Sagansay

This faith-filled book will help you to celebrate Thanksgiving with a grateful heart for God. Sometimes it’s hard to lead a life with gratefulness in the midst of the complicated world we live in. This book will help you take a step of faith, filled with appreciation and a new outlook.

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