By Amy Schechter

When PDQ arrived at the corner of Big Bend Road and U.S. Highway 301, residents rejoiced. One need only imagine the savory aroma of fried chicken tenders and freshly cut French fries to ditch dinner plans and head over with the entire family. Since 2014, the made-to-order fare has delighted Southshore residents and visitors alike, and made fans of all who come through their doors.

But the farm-fresh ingredients and dedication to quality food crafted in-house is really just the beginning of what People Dedicated to Quality really stands for. Jeff Kamis, PDQ’s Chief Marketing and PR Officer is passionate about quality and knows the Riverview location provides the highest type: “The name is interesting. PDQ really fits in and really embodies what is important to us. Quality is really everything we do. That’s quality from the food to the guest experience to the hospitality, and to what we are trying to do in the communities. Living up to that name is something we do every day.”

And besides providing delicious food, Riverview’s PDQ strives to engage actively with the community. Under the leadership of Bob Hanley, the operating director, they have numerous initiatives that seek to give back. The team partners with local churches and schools, like Boyette Springs Elementary and Riverview High School, to hold Spirit Nights, where a portion of sales are donated back to the schools. They helped East Bay Christian School sell PDQ charity cards to raise funds to send students to Israel and Jordan, a life-changing experience for those involved. PDQ also works with the Boys and Girls Club of Tampa Bay, and over the summer hosted a Where Love Grows summer culinary camp. A tasty shake created by some of the campers will even be featured later this year with proceeds benefiting the Boys and Girls Club of Tampa Bay.

Continuously, Riverview PDQ is honored to host Military Monday’s on the first Monday of every month in which they give 50% off the entire order for all active military and their families.

Kamis adds, “The other piece that came about was we work with A Million Thanks and every time we do Military Monday, we allow guests that come in to write letters or color something and we send them out overseas to our military.”

Riverview’s PDQ is located at 10441 Big Bend Rd. It is open seven days a week from 10:30 a.m. until 10 p.m. Call 864-8006 or

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