By Kate Quesada

When Riverview resident Theresa Turner checked her Facebook feed one evening last month, she had no idea how much she was about to change the life of a local military family.

Turner, the founder of Riverview Our Town Inc. and Tax Happens LLC, noticed a post on a Riverview Word of Mouth Facebook page where a family with a disabled veteran husband who had recently moved to the area from Alabama, posted that they were in need of a lawn mower to comply with homeowners’ association regulations in their new home.

“I had recently hired a landscaper and we don’t have an immediate need for our mower,” said Turner. “When I stopped to drop off the mower, the lovely women explained all their belongs were in storage in Alabama. I asked the woman if they were in need of anything else. She said, ‘Yes, everything!’ and mentioned that they have four children.”

So Turner rallied the community and within hours had set the family up with furniture including televisions, couches and beds, clothes for all six family members, a truck tire and hitch so they can travel to Alabama and collect their possessions which are currently in storage and $700 to pay the pet deposit and allow them to bring their dogs home. Turner, with help from the Riverview Chamber of Commerce, also connected the family with organizations to help them long-term as they get established in the area.

“It takes a village and we are part of an amazing village,” said Turner. “I created the Facebook Group Riverview Area Word of Mouth to bring the community together providing a place for local small business to get the word out.”

In this case, one well-timed Facebook post turned things around for a family. Although they would rather not have their last name shared, mom, Jeannie, stated that she is so grateful for the help from the community.

“The last thing myself or my family wanted was for people to think or feel that us telling our story to be a charity case. I never intended for my post to bring us anything more than a lawnmower to stay within HOA standards, but God blessed us with so much more and lifted so many burdens that ‘Thank you’ is just not enough,’ said Jeannie. “The love of the Riverview area is amazing and we plan on giving back just as much as those who have given to us.”

Contact Turner at 304-5569 or

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Kate Quesada
Assignment Editor Kate Quesada started working at the Osprey Observer in 2004 after graduating from the University of South Florida with a masters degree in Mass Communications. Since then, she has held various positions at the paper and has been working as the assignment editor since January 2020. She lives in Lithia with her husband Mike and sons Dylan and Max and stays active in the community on school PTA boards and volunteering with local organizations.