By Kathy L. Collins

In its continuing effort to provide excellent care to the residents of the greater Brandon area, Brandon Regional Hospital has unveiled its newest surgical tool, the Mako robot. At a ribbon cutting held on Tuesday, November 1, the hospital unveiled the Mako robot, used for partial knee replacements and hip replacement surgery, to the community. In attendance at the ribbon cutting were members of the Greater Brandon Chamber of Commerce, hospital staff and prospective patients.

The Mako robot provides surgeons with a personalized surgical plan based on a 3D model of a patient’s knee or hip. This state of the art technology allows surgeons to remove only the diseased bone, preserving the healthy bone and soft tissue, and assists the surgeon in positioning the implant based on the patient’s unique anatomy.

The process begins with a CT scan of the patient’s joint. This is used to generate the 3D model which is then used to prepare a personalized pre-operative plan. In the operating room, the surgeon uses the Mako robot based on the personalized, pre-operative plan. The Mako robot is further used by the surgeon when the bone is prepared for the implant. The Mako system guides the surgeon to help with more accurate placement of the implant. Surgeons must be specially trained to use the system.

Dr. Michael Miranda, the Medical Director of Joint Replacement Surgery at Brandon Regional Hospital, has received the specialized training needed to use the Mako robot. Dr. Miranda said, “This is state of the art. It allows us to achieve perfect bone preparation and implant.” Dr. Miranda added, “Because this is a minimally invasive procedure, the patient also has a quicker recoery with better outcomes.”
There are very few facilities in the area that offer the Mako system. Jeff Wesner, MBA, Vice President of Surgical Services said, “This is an investment that the hospital is making in the community so that we can offer the very best care to area residents.”

Brandon Regional Hospital is a 438 bed Acute Care Center located at 119 Oakfield Rd. in Brandon. For more information, visit

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