By Tamas Mondovics

Newsome High School senior and Brandon Sports and Aquatic Center Tennis talent, Kylie Moulin, enjoyed the spotlight last month as she officially signed to further her education on a full scholarship at the University of Alabama.

Moulin, who grew up playing the sport she loves, joining BSAC, 405 Beverly Blvd. in Brandon, in 2009, confirmed her decision during a scholarship signing ceremony at the center, while giving her coaches, parents and friends all the credit for her own athletic success.

“If I didn’t have a great coach and a family to support me I don’t think I would be where I am today,” she said. “I love the coaches at BSAC more than anything. Everyone is like family to me.”

Moulin emphasized that her love and drive for the sport and the people that supported her was, and continues to be, the force that helped her to be successful. As a 5-star tennis recruit, Moulin is currently ranked 41 nationally. She is ranked top 15 in the southeast and as a top ten tennis player in Florida. 

This past spring, Moulin earned fourth place at a national selection in Altamonte Springs. Moulin is in the top 25 in her Newsome graduating class. She was involved in the school’s student government for the past three years, national honor society and many other volunteer clubs. Moulin’s choice of school was also welcomed by her parents and friends, which she acknowledged when she said, “My parents are super happy with my decision. They are excited that it is close to home and that it is a place where I can really excel in my tennis and academics. I plan to study to be a physical therapist and I want to minor in psychology.”

Of course, balancing school and athletics is not always easy, something Moulin said she herself had to learn over the years. “There are always hard obstacles to overcome, but those are things that will only make you better and bring you one step closer to your goal,” she said. To encourage those who aspire to walk in her footsteps, Moulin said, “I would tell younger kids to always fight their hardest and to never give up on a dream that they want to achieve.”

BSAC’s Tennis program has been operating under the watchful eyes of co-directors Alex and Andrew Golub. The duo is supported by Tennis professionals Damon Henkel and Morgan Frank.

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