By Kathy L. Collins

JoAnn Wedge of Seffner is a talented and creative artist. She has been creating art for over 41 years and is as passionate about art as she was when she began.

Wedge creates lovely and stunning jewelry (pendants and earrings) crafted from dichroic fused glass. This type of glass gives her creations shine and glow. Wedge sells her original creations on Etsy. She also offers classes where she leads others in creating jewelry. “I get enjoyment out of seeing others create.” Classes take about one and a half hours, and Wedge completes each piece in her kiln and returns the finished piece in just a couple of days.

Wedge brings everything that you need to create a whimsical and beautiful pendant or a pair of earrings. It costs only $15 per piece. Wedge offers her classes at area independent living facilities, women’s clubs, birthdays, girls’ night out or home parties.

For those who want to push their creativity, Wedge offers a class that combines beads and glass. This more advanced class costs $40 per piece, takes two to three hours and is limited to six people. In this class, the piece is finished on site.

Wedge graduated from the University of South Florida with a degree in education. While at USF, she took a pottery class. She fell in love with it and eventually left teaching to be a potter full time. About 20 years ago she discovered glass. For about 10 years she combined clay and glass. She eventually decided to go with just glass and has not looked back. “I love the creativity glass offers,” said Wedge who creates wearable art.

Wedge loves being able to help others express their creativity through glass. Wedge said, “You can feel authentic to yourself with art. Expressing yourself through art is a spiritual release.” Wedge added, “There is calmness and a feeling of inner peace that overcomes me when I am creating art and helping others do the same.” You can view Wedge’s wearable art at If you are interested in getting some of Wedge’s jewelry or get information on her classes, you can contact Wedge at or call 760-3542.

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