By Amy Schechter

In his musings on a renowned career as an author, Stephen King noted, “Books are a uniquely portable magic.” They have the ability to transport and transform readers, and they possess something truly enchanting between their pages, especially the ones made of paper. In a digital world, one still must experience the profound allure of picking up a good book, feeling it on your fingers, and breathing in the pages. Sisters, Patricia Burris and Jean Cummins know this well, as co-owners of Bookworm Used Books, a wonderful niche nestled in the heart of Riverview.

Their cozy store boasts a wide variety of books for the most voracious readers. They have everything from science fiction and fantasy to travel and historical fiction to sports and cookbooks. If you have a hankering for a genre, you can be sure to find it satiated. When asked why they started this store, Burris’ answer is simple: “We always wanted to do it.” She and Cummins have always possessed a deep love for reading and for the community. Both women are retired nurses having spent their entire careers at the VA hospital giving back to those around them. When they closed that chapter of their lives, they began writing another amassing books that provide passports to the imagination at prices everyone can afford.

They even have two rooms dedicated to children and young adults. This author could hard pull her toddler from the children’s room, and with the holidays approaching, I’ll be back to pick up some stocking stuffers for the entire family in the form of books and handmade crocheted crafts. They have great deals on everything from paperback to hardcover with most inventory ranging from $.25 to $6.
Customers can bring their gently used books and earn store credit as well. Are you a teacher looking to stock your classroom or are you simply looking for an adventure or a glimpse into a life you haven’t lived yet? Look no further.

Bookworm Used Books accepts cash or local checks only. For more information, please call 443-0968 or email You can also visit their Facebook page at They are located near the Riverview Flea Market at 7414 Commerce St. in Riverview.

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