By Amanda Boston

Local author Debora Coty is a household name for the avid Christian Voice reader. In her column Grace Notes, using a few hundred words, she creates bite-sized morsels of wisdom by mixing biblical truths with real-life anecdotes flavored with humor and wit. In Coty’s best-selling manuscript, Too Blessed to be Stressed, she likewise communicates her distinctive humor-filled insights. In rapid succession, the book has evolved into its own series spawning cookbooks, daily planners, journals, and more.

With the success of her writing, Coty retired from her full-time career as an Occupational Therapist of 36 years. She put her feet up, drew in a deep breath, and relaxed. Nonetheless, immediately after announcing her respite, Barbour Publishing began beckoning Coty to continue the well-liked series with a complementary 365-day devotional.

Coty responded, “No, no, absolutely not. I’m kicking my feet up and taking time to think a little.” Even more so, she deemed the undertaking as daunting and admitted, “I was overwhelmed at the thought of coming up with 365 topics and 365 accompanying Scriptures within a six month timeframe. But Papa God kept giving me the Holy elbow, and I signed the contract.”

The reluctant writer terminated her time-out, buckled down, and completed the manuscript of 365 devotions. Too Blessed to be Stressed: Inspiration for Every Day is available for purchase on January 1, both in print and e-versions. With cleverly and comically crafted daily devotional messages, the book tackles everyday life topics such as relationships, love, hope, boundaries, brokenness, and praise. She offers stress-managing advice rooted in sound biblical principles and practicality.

Coty admitted, “I used to be a ball of stress. I am sharing a better way. You don’t have to accept a crazy-busy life.” In her text, she leads her readers to discover peace amid the chaos through knowing, loving, and depending on the Almighty Papa God.

Coty and her husband reside in the Seffner area. She has authored 14 books and internationally published over 130 articles. In addition to writing, she is an inspirational speaker and Blogger. For more information on how to connect with Coty or to purchase her books, please visit

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Amanda Boston
Amanda Boston is the Christian Voice Editor for the Osprey Observer. She is a graduate of Bible Training for Church Leaders (BTCL), who enjoys sharing how God is working in and through the community. Amanda resides in FishHawk with her husband and two children.