By Amy Schechter

Anyone who suffers from reoccurring migraines knows the world may consist of dealing with acute pain and waiting for the next time it will interrupt your life. These debilitating headaches are often accompanied by light sensitivity, nausea/vomiting, and disorientation. Some of us are lucky to never experience that kind of suffering, but millions are plagued by stress, obesity, and loss of energy. Thankfully, there are steps you can take right now to reduce all of these problems. Lynne Wadsworth, owner of Holistic Health and Wellness and Board Certified Holistic Health Coach, knows firsthand the benefits of a natural approach to pain relief. Having experienced chronic migraines after the birth of her first child, at one time she believed her life would always require prescription medication to reach normalcy. Wadsworth explains that medication simply wasn’t the route she wanted, “I began my own more natural and holistic search.”

Her journey took her from self-study to the Institute for Integrative Nutrition where she learned just how important the food we eat can be to our overall health. “It’s the body-mind-spirit. It’s not going on a diet. It’s a lifestyle change that bring about changes,” Wadsworth shares. The changes she made not only reduced the frequency and severity of her migraines, but they helped her achieve healthy weight loss, increased her energy, and reduced her stress levels. She knew she had to share what she found with others, especially those struggling to wean themselves off of medications who need the type of extended support beyond hospital rehabilitation programs: “I don’t do this for the dollar sign. I know it can work and that people can reach what I have reached.” She offers individual and group sessions tailored to help you walk your individual path with health which include live support sessions, email support and weekly newsletters, and healthy recipes.

Wadsworth is offering the following classes in the new year, each heavily discounted at up to 50 percent off their original prices: a free Healthy Habits 7-Day Challenge beginning January 16; a Healthy Eating 5-Day Jumpstart for those who suffer migraines beginning January 23 for $3.97; a 4-week Jump Start program with a Facebook support group and self-paced weekly emails beginning January 30 for $29.97; a 4-week Natural Migraine Relief Program beginning February 6 which is $247 for a group session and $297 for individualized support, and in conjunction with the University of South Florida, she is teaching a 4-week Healthy Living Class for seniors February 10. She also became a certified wellness cooking instructor and offers healthy cooking classes and seminars on eating healthy while on a budget. Wadsworth is confident in these programs: “I don’t put people through things I don’t do myself. People connect to lose weight and have a healthier lifestyle, and in learning what I have learned you get the added benefit of relieving migraines and other pain/inflammation, stress relief, better sleep, and overall better quality of life.”

For information on classes starting in 2017, read the books and literature she has authored, and reach out for immediate wellness coaching, contact Wadsworth at 340-1368 or by email at In-person meetings from her home in Valrico, a local neutral location, or through teleconferencing are available by request Monday-Thursday from 5:30PM-8PM and weekends by appointment.

More information, sessions, and pricing are also available on her website, and on and

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