TAMPA, FL – Producers of the Clearwater based film The Favorite, announced today that they are in pre-production and set to start shooting on February 20th in the greater Tampa Bay region. Cast and crew are being selected with John Schneider, being selected as one of the lead roles in the movie. John is known for his roles on Dukes of Hazard, Smallville and Tyler Perry’s “Have and Have Nots”.

The Favorite is based upon the true story of Luke Bernard, a local pastor’s son, who nearly died from a car accident in Los Angeles just after he was cast in a new television series. Luke amazed his surgeons and nurses by recovering from severe brain trauma in less than a year. While literally relearning to walk, talk, and write, he was inspired in a dream to write a movie screenplay about two brothers each seeking to be their father’s favorite son. The result was a screenplay that amazed veterans of the film industry in Hollywood. In 2016, the novelized screenplay was published by Evergreen Press.

Producer Daniel Bernard, Luke’s father, and the founder of Somebody Cares, Tampa Bay, said, “We didn’t even find out Luke had been in a near fatal accident for three days. When we got to the hospital his injuries were even worse than we had imagined. We believe that his recovery and the film based upon his experience can bring great hope to many by demonstrating the power of faith and prayer. The movie will be released in the fall of 2017 or beginning of 2018.

Shooting will be focused primarily in Pinellas County in February with 25 speaking roles cast including: BENJAMIN: Luke Bernard, LUKE: Matthew Fahey, DANIEL: John Schneider, ASHLEY: Mollee Gray and MIKE FRASER: Jeff Hardy.

For more info or a prospectus, or to interview the author, email info@thefavoritemovie.com or contact Daniel Bernard at 727-421-4132. Visit www.thefavoritemovie.com for latest news.

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